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It's Time to Replace Your Old Front Door

Front Door

The front door of a home has so much more value than simply being an entry way to what’s inside. Having a reliable front door is essential to the value of a home, making it crucial for homeowners to inspect their front door that’s suffering from old age.

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Preparing to Spring Clean Your Garage


The garage is always guilty of being the first room in the house to store unwanted items that simply don’t belong anywhere else. Spring is quickly approaching and garages are still suffering from piles of Christmas décor, toys and sports equipment, dad’s tools, and other items that have been scattered all over the garage floor. Your garage doesn’t have to be an eyesore compared to the rest of your house anymore, let us help transform your garage into an organized, efficient, and accessible room the entire family can enjoy:

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Getting Your Deck Ready For Spring


Springtime is near, which means our winter hibernation will soon be coming to an end. It won’t be long until your deck will be needed after a long day of work or to host barbeques with family and friends. Unfortunately, the winter elements commonly damage our beloved decks; therefore, it’s important to follow these steps to ensure that your deck is warm weather ready.

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Choosing A Contractor Versus Doing It Yourself


There is no better feeling than getting your hands dirty and being able to check home improvement projects off your list of things to do. However, sometimes we take on jobs that might be a little over our head. There are several factors that contribute to whether you should hire a contractor, or take on a project using your own craftsmanship.

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Winter Home Improvement Projects

With the cold weather keeping you locked up indoors, the winter season is the perfect time to work on some home improvement projects. Here are five simple winter projects that you can tackle before spring arrives:

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Tools Every Homeowner Needs

Maintenance is one of the countless responsibilities of owning your own home. With that being said, some breaks and leaks cannot be fixed with simply a hammer and a nail. Here is a list of the basic tools that every homeowner should have stocked in their tool shed:

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Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchens are often thought of as the heart of our homes, the place where meals, conversations and laughs are shared. Kitchen cabinetry helps create both the look and feel of your kitchen. Picking out the perfect cabinets for your kitchen can be overwhelming and stressful, but our team of professional designers at Fischer Lumber can help.

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AttiCat Blown-in Insulation Now Available at Fischer Lumber

With the harsh, cold Illinois winter upon us, keeping our home warm and cozy can put a strain on our monthly budget. Did you know that properly insulating your home could lower your annual heating and cooling bill by up to 15 percent? If your home is not well insulated, warm air can easily escape from your home in the winter, resulting in a costly heating bill. Since heat rises, having your attic insulated is especially important during the winter season.

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