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Ready, Set, Replace!

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It still feels like summer; you’ve had a few months of great backyard BBQs, laying in the hammock, sprucing up your landscaping and enjoying the sunshine. But cooler temps are on their way and so is cold, blustery weather. You’ve spent probably the past 5 months preparing your home for summer, but what about winter? It’s not too soon to start examining areas that may need some work; like your windows for example.

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Your Cabinet Quick Guide


Selecting and buying cabinetry for your home is a big job and a substantial investment. Like any large purchase, there are things you should consider before you buy. You surely have a number of questions, but don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Quality: When you begin your search, keep quality in mind. Solid frames, reinforced corners, and closed backs are a must! Think about it, cabinet doors and drawers will open and close hundreds if not thousands of times during their lifespan. You want a cabinet that stand up to the challenge and not fall apart after a few short years.

Quite the selection: First of all, you’ll notice a plethora of options from stock cabinets to semi-custom and custom. Stock cabinets are assembled using dimensions and styles standard to most homes. Selections of stock cabinets are fairly limited but are the most affordable.

Semi-custom cabinets, like stock, are manufactured in standard sizes. They differ from stock in that they boast various storage, style, and design options.

High-end cabinets are custom, meaning they are is designed and built to fit unique spaces. They are produced in a variety of styles and finishes that can include glass doors. The choice is yours so make a wise selection. 

The budget: As with any home project or investment, the budget is key. Knowing how much you want or don’t want to spend will certainly help with your selection. It’s important to note that cabinets will be expensive - stock or not. But you will certainly pay more if you opt for custom pieces. Don’t let price tags scare you, just let them make you aware of what you’ll be spending and how reasonable that amount may be.

Available space: Prior to a purchase, have professional measurements taken. A disaster could ensue if you buy without knowing whether the cabinets will actually fit in their desired space. Preliminary measurements will also help when it comes to pricing. Sales reps can surely provide more accurate price quotes if they know the dimensions of your project. So, plan ahead by getting all your numbers in place before you buy. 

Your style: Don’t jump into buying cabinets; shop around and browse the different options. Make sure you find what you really like - whether it’s a stock cabinet or something more along the lines of custom pieces. Cabinets, much like flooring and countertops, play a major design role in their space.  Choose cabinetry that best matches your style while also complimenting the overall interior design and architecture of your home.

We want you to make the right cabinet selection because in the end, your design will set the tone for your new kitchen or bathroom.  When you shop at Fischer Lumber, you gain peace of mind knowing that our team are experts when it comes to cabinetry. In our E. Alton showroom, you will have the opportunity to browse brands including Bertch, Holiday, and Timberline. We are proud to carry the best brands and to offer you top of the line service you won’t find anywhere else. Call us at 618.259.7434 or stop by our showroom today.

Make a Bold Statement with Interior Doors

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Interior doors can act as visual statement pieces in your home. Whether you notice it or not, they make an impression. A number of homeowners focus on countertops, flooring, lighting, etc. to serve their sense of style. They tend to forget just how much interior doors can do as well. It’s important to select interior doors that will meet your standards while matching your style. The options are extensive, but we’ll take a look at some of the best designs to consider.

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Storm Doors We Love

Storm door

So, you’ve been taking on some smaller home projects here and there. Updating drawer pulls on cabinets, outlet covers, maybe a light fixture or two. But, have you thought about updating your home’s entryway? A stylish storm door can help with this because the entryway serves two purposes: it welcomes people into your home and provides a lasting first impression. You’ll be surprised to learn the many benefits and full potential a storm door can provide - they are good for more than just protecting your home against the weather.

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Faced with a deck dilemma?

Screen Shot 2018 06 25 at 11.14.27 AMIt’s summer time; July 4th is less than a week away and pretty soon Labor Day will be knocking at your door. Don’t let warm weather memories pass you by because you face a decking dilemma. To your advantage, Fischer Lumber carries the best in lumber and offers a full line of quality products to help you select the best material for your decking project.

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Replacing your Roof - Are You Due?

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You’ve been putting a lot of time, energy and money into fixing up your house. Maybe you’ve put in new flooring, fixtures, appliances, countertops, etc. Now you’re looking a larger update - your roof. As a homeowner, you surely wonder from time to time if you’re due for a new roof, especially if your current one is 20+ years old. A roof, just like everything else in your home, will suffer from wear and tear. Since your home is one of, if not THE largest investment to your name, you need to be aware of everything. Thankfully, when it comes to your roof, you can look for signs of damage without having to call in a pricy contractor. Here’s how:

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